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Junior, Intermediate and Senior
This note is to provide you with some information regarding the Gananoque Skating Club’s Junior program.  Junior ice time is constructed differently from CanSkate.  It consists of more than just group lessons and it requires the skaters to work independently.  It is a program that offers all the benefits of recreational skating and group lessons while introducing test stream skating.
Once a child passes the specific requirements set out in Junior, they move up to Intermediate and onto Senior for more advanced skills and expertise. In these levels, skaters are working independently with private coaches developing their Skills, Dance, and FreeSkate to either obtain Silver and/or Gold levels through competition and test days.

Group Lessons
Approximately 10 minute group lessons are designated to each type of skating (i.e. freestyle, dance, skating skills) during scheduled ice time.  Then, the skaters are given independent time to practice the skills they were just taught.

Private Lessons (Strongly Recommended)
Independent/private (one-on-one/two-on-one/three-on-one) lessons are available during the designated independent practice time.  The Gananoque Skating Club strongly recommends a minimum of 1 Private lessons per week at the Junior level.  You can contact the coach of your choice (names and phone numbers provided below) to arrange private lessons.  The private lessons provided by the coaches (during independent practice time) are NOT covered in your registration fees – they are extra and payable directly to the coach.  The coaches’ fees and availability vary – please contact them directly for any and all arrangements.  Also, as a cost saving measure, skaters have partnered up to receive independent lessons (i.e. two skaters receiving private lessons from one coach at the same time).

Only Skaters are Permitted on the Ice
Please note that parents are not permitted on the ice.  All coaches are first aid certified and will deal with occurrences that happen on the ice.

Music is required during the ice time.  There is a designated CD for Junior labelled “Canadian Figure Skate Association” (now Skate Canada) and CD player is located in the skating office (upstairs).  We ask that each parent volunteer their time (while their children are on the ice) to play the music.  Instructions on how to run the music are posted above the stereo (upon request, a demonstration will be provided).  Please do not touch any dials on the soundboard except those labelled “volume”.  A “Music Volunteer Sign-up” sheet is posted in the upstairs music room to permit you to sign up when you are available to play music.

Testing Days/Competition
On testing and competition days, female skaters are encouraged to wear an appropriate skating dress/skirt and tights (no pants, jeans, etc).  Males are encouraged not to wear jeans or baggy pants.
Junior Representative
The Junior representative becomes the person for the skaters (and/or parents) to contact with any issues regarding the Junior program.  It involves bringing the concerns to the attention of the Board of Directors and attending the Board of Director monthly meetings (which are scheduled for the third Monday of every month).

No eating, No drinking & No chewing gum on the ice. 
All exit doors to the ice must be closed at all times.
  1. No standing along the boards.  All skaters are expected to take part in all skills sessions.
  1. No standing still on the ice, No sitting on the boards, and No sitting on the ice.
  2. No standing still on the ice, except when waiting for solos to begin.
  3. THE SKATER WHOSE MUSIC IS BEING PLAYED MUST BE GIVEN THE RIGHT OF WAY WITH NO EXCEPTIONS.  Any skater who does not yield to the soloist will be asked to leave the ice.
  4. When you (the skater) is called for music, you must raise your hand so the parent in the music room can spot you quickly.
  5. SOLOS WILL BE PLAYED IN ACCORDANCE WITH A POSTED LIST IN THE MUSIC ROOM.  In no case will a skater’s solo be played a second time (including at the professional coach’s request) until all solos have been played.  There is no guarantee that each skater’s solo will be played at each session.
  6. Coaches giving a freestyle lesson have precedence and may request a student’s solo only once.  if a skater knows that she is having a private lesson and will need her solo played, it is that skater’s responsibility to notify the music room so it can be held until her lesson time.
  7. Don't refuse your music.  If a skater turns down the opportunity to have his/her music played for any reason other than an upcoming private lesson than that skater’s music will be noted as having been played.
  8. DANCE/SKILLS during free skate is not permitted unless a professional coach is giving a dance lesson to a student.  However, dance music will not be played for that lesson.
  9. SPINS are to be practiced at center ice only.
  10. JUMPS are to be practiced in corner ice only.
  11. If you fall, get up quickly (unless, of course, you are injured).  
  1. STROKING SESSIONS ARE COMPULSORY FOR EVERY SKATER.  Stroking is an important part of freeskate and will be the only warm up given.
  2. Solos must be played immediately after the stroking session ends.
  1. Skaters must follow the partner of the dance being played or stand clear (off to the side of the ice) of all skaters.   The only exception to this rule is when a skater is having a lesson with his/her profession coach.
  2. Freeskating is not permitted during dance sessions.
Please observe these rules at all times to ensure that all skaters have a safe and enjoyable skating season.

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